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Server Opening

Server Will Open At 18:00 GMT+5 Tomorrow

Server Rules

1. No  KS Allowed 2. No Bad Mouthing Others 3. No Religious Bullies Thats All Enjoy To Fulest..... <GM>Free

For Joining/Registering

Sorry For Inconvenience:::                                       But For registering to server Plz send the username and Password you want to make at  following mail                                    "" Plz Understand and keep it up. Note.        There is no limit on accouts a single person have So send all usernames and password u want to make......

Server Features

Mid Rate Server / Perfect Party System / F10 System / Protecting Leader / Destructing Key / Duel Tournament / Exp Events / Orignal Doggibe Lord at D3F9 / DSS / QinQong / Perforation Shot / Emok / Last Man Standing / BattleField / Orignal BOF / Imperial Weapons / Orignal Skills With Mystery and Nirvana / Imortal Talisman 8/8/8/8/8 / Demon Gong / Max level 100 / Start Level 50 with G50 Stuff and all animals / G100 Blue Dragon's Armour Weapons / Custom Drop Rate / Auto Pick Pet / Riding New Animals / Many More....